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A Safer Path

logo_2 Confidential Service

We help educate the community about the rising problems of family and dating violence, rape, and assault through local cable TV, radio and newspaper,

law enforcement and volunteer training, school awareness programs and distribution of posters, flyers, and other informational pamphlets

If you're in a violent or dangerous situation, take a look at our checklist, warning signs, and safety plan ideas, and give us a call today.

We help educate the community

Get the help you need from our caring team

When you're in an emergency situation, call us. We will assess the urgency of the situation and develop a plan that can help you or your children, including giving referrals, offering overnight shelter, or providing legal options for your situation.

You'll be able to speak with advocates, peer counselors, and licensed counselors find out more about your available options.

Get help today

Call our hotline to get the assistance you need. We're available 24-HOURS a day. If your computer is being monitored, please go to a safe location.

• 24/7 crisis hotline

• Legal advocacy

• Individual and group support

• Community awareness

• Transportation

• Meals and emergency fund

• Child care during sessions

• Personal advocacy

All of our services are FREE

Confidential Service

All of our services are completely confidential.

Call now

Call us now

If your computer usage is monitored,

call our hotline today.

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